What is KeybLED?

KeybLED is a Panel applet which displays a keyboard's LED status. It is particularly useful for keyboards which lack their own LED status indicators (e.g. cordless keyboards), or just for the fun! It utilizes the XTest X-server extension of keyboard indicator state changes.


KeybLED is currently translated in English, French and German (applet only). Feel free to translate either the applet or the documentation (or both!) to other languages!


The code, documentation and icons are copyright 2001-2003 Aurelien Jarno, and are distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2.

The sounds are taken from KDE 2.2, module kcontrol, are copyright 1998-2000 The KDE Control Center Developers, and are also distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2.


2004-07-11 - Version 0.65
  • Fixed a build in a Makefile that was preventing KeybLED to be installed correctly.
2004-05-04 - Version 0.64
  • Fixed a bug in the documentation that was preventing KeybLED to be built correctly
2003-09-15 - Version 0.63
  • Updated admin/ dir for arm support
  • Changed the license of the documentation from GFDL to GPL
  • Minor updates to the French translation
2003-04-06 - Version 0.62
  • gcc-2.95 fixes
2003-04-06 - Version 0.61
  • Make sure the popup is large enough for the text
  • Clarified the installation instructions
2003-03-19 - Version 0.60
  • Switched to KDE 3 only
  • Added sound support
  • Refresh time is now fix
  • Changed translated documentation to po format
  • Lot of internal parts rewritten


These are screenshots of version 0.65:

Screenshot Circular LEDs with labels at top Screenshot Rectangular LEDs, vertical, with labels
Screenshot Circular LEDs without label Screenshot Rectangular LEDs (no CAPS.LOCK),
horizontal, with labels
Screenshot LED status popup


In order to successfully run KeybLED, you will need Qt >= 3.0.3 and KDE >= 3.0.

To compile KeybLED, you will also have to have the following packages installed:

You can find the installation instructions here or in the file INSTALL included in the sources.

Download KeybLED

As of January 20th, 2005 the current release version is 0.65



If you would like to contribute a binary package for your favorite distribution, please let me know!


You can browse the KeybLED documentation online here.


Aurelien Jarno (homepage: http://www.aurel32.net)
Thanks to
Malte Starostik for the German translation.
Lubos Lunak for his program numlockx from which most of the XTest code comes.

For all questions, bug report, hint or whishes, contact me!

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